Dental Tips and Secrets You Probably Do not Know

50 dental tips and secrets

At SmileWide, We want to provide our patients with the best dental care and we aim to develop a long-term relationship with our patients and safeguard their teeth; that is why we decided to provide them with 50 dental tips and secrets.
Follow these dental tips and they will help you to keep your teeth healthy.

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  1. Brush Your Teeth Twice Per Day:
    Brush your teeth after eating. The toothbrush should be soft and have a small head to reach your molar teeth.
  2. Fluoridated Toothpaste Is the Best:
    Fluoride makes your tooth enamel stronger and decreases the incidence of decay.
  3. Brush Gently But Thoroughly:
    Do not overuse the brush. Instead, brush gently for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Floss Your Teeth Once Per Day:
    The best way to flow your teeth is the gentle, slow motion.
  5. Do Not Drink Too Many Acidic Drinks:
    Acidic drinks and foods can dissolve your teeth minerals. Limit their use to keep the integrity of your teeth.
  6. Limit Sugars:
    Bacteria that exist in the oral cavity can turn sugar into acids.
  7. Do Not Expose Your Teeth to Injuries:
    While playing any kind of sports, it is better to wear a mouth guard or a helmet.
  8. Immediate Dental Advice for Knocked Out Teeth:
    You should hold your teeth in their place, wrap them in plastic or put them in milk while seeking immediate dental service.
  9. Do Not Use Your Teeth In Harsh Tasks:
    Your teeth are designed to chew foods only. Do not use them in cracking nuts, removing bottle tops, or opening anything.
  10. See Your Dentist on a Regular Basis:
    You should visit your dentist regularly for check-ups; not only when you have a problem.
  11. Your Medical History Is Important:
    Any general health problems or medications you take can affect your dental health and treating process. Inform your dentist about your whole medical history.
  12. Eat Healthy Foods:
    Avoid sweet foods and drinks that may lead to dental problems and tooth loss.
  13. Dry Mouth Is Serious:
    If your mouth is dry most of the time, see your dentist immediately.
  14. Painkillers Are Not The Solution:
    If you feel oral pain, do not place painkillers. Instead, see your dentist immediately.
  15. Cracked Lips:
    Place petroleum jelly on your cracked lips. Also, sunblock is recommended for outdoor activities.
  16. Dentures:
    Full dentures require regular and thorough cleaning every day. Pay your dentist a visit every few years to get your dentures checked.
  17. Ask Your Dentist about Check-ups:
    Regular check-ups will make you avoid costly, complicated problems and treatments.
  18. The technique of Brushing:
    Ask your dentist about the best technique for brushing your teeth that will not cause any harm to your gums.
  19. It Is Never Late to Get an Orthodontic Treatment:
    qqqmakes your teeth stronger and correct how you bite.
  20. Do Not Accumulate Plaque and Acids:
    The more plaques over your teeth are, the worst your teeth are going to be. Remove plaques and prevent acid accumulation and attacks.
  21. Teenagers Should Have Their Teeth Checked:
    Teenage is the ideal age to start looking great.
  22. Back Teeth Are As Important As Front Teeth:
    Do not brush only what you see in order to avoid going to your dentist with back teeth problems.
  23. Quit Smoking:
    Even when you use mints or mouthwashes, your dentist can discover that you smoke from your gum tissue and teeth.
  24. Bad Breathing Is Not About Brushing:
    The optimal solution for bad breathing is to brush and floss daily and get a deep cleaning every few months.
  25. Mouthwashes Are Not the Solution for Bad Breathing:
    Mouthwashes with mint and alcohol eradicates the bad breathing for only half an hour. For the optimal solution look at 24.
  26. Your Toothbrush Needs to Be Clean, Not Sanitized:
    If you are sharing your toothbrush with other people, sanitize it. Otherwise, it just needs to be cleaned.
  27. Your Toothpaste Is Just for Cleaning:
    Some people think that their toothpaste can give them a Hollywood smile; it is not true. Toothpaste does not whiten your teeth; they just remove the plaques.
  28. Electric Brushes Are Great:
    Some people do not like them. However, they are more effective than regular cleaning.
  29. The Recent Technologies in Dentistry Are Better Than the Old Methods:
    We know that you have been used to a certain cleaning or whitening method for a long time like Waterpik. Be sure that recent technologies are better and more effective.
  30. Baby Teeth Are the Responsibility of the Parents:
    You should teach your child how to make their teeth clean and how to brush once they are able to.
  31. Maternal Hygiene Is Important for Baby’s Teeth:
    Bacteria can travel from the mother to the baby through saliva. For example, if you taste the food before giving it to your child.
  32. Kids Are Not Aware of Their Problems:
    If your kids are acting strangely, he/she might have a toothache but he/she cannot explain it.
  33. Pay Attention to How Your Baby’s Teeth Look:
    Your kid’s teeth will change. However, there is no reason to let his/her teeth decay.
  34. Whitening Teeth Can be Painful:
    Applying a fluoride rinse or gel before whitening your teeth can prevent the pain.
  35. Fillings Will Not Poison You:
    Some fillings release trace amounts of mercury; not poisonous amounts.
  36. Leaving Your Fillings Is Better Than Removing Them:
    Since removing your fillings release more mercury than leaving and fixing them.
  37. Not All Fillings Are the Same:
    Metal fillings are the best. However, some people prefer other types.
  38. Fillings Should Be Removed If They Cause Problems:
    Leave your fillings as long as they do not cause any harm. If they started causing problems, discuss the treatment options with your dentist.
  39. Do Not Drink Too Much Soda:
    The acid in soda destroys your teeth and these dental tips you should not ignore or forget.
  40. Insurance Is Great:
    Some dental work may be expensive. If you have health insurance, use it to cover the expenses.
  41. Listen to Your Dentist:
    Once the pain is relieved, most patients ignore the dentist’s pieces of advice. Follow your dentist’s tips to take care of your teeth in the long run.
  42. Migraines and Toothaches Can Be Associated:
    If you have misaligned teeth, it can cause terrible headaches and even migraines.
  43. Some Symptoms Can Indicate Other Health Problems:
    Bleeding gums is one of the early symptoms of diabetes mellitus. You should inform your dentist about your family history if you have an unexplained symptom.
  44. Drink Plenty of Water:
    Water is important for your teeth. Tea, coffee, and soda are not considered water.
  45. Saliva Is Useful for Your Teeth:
    Your Saliva is full of minerals and useful elements. Always keep your mouth wet, one of the best best dental tips so far.
  46. Your Dentist Knows Better:
    If you have any problem, it is better to see a dentist. Do not depend on Google and online tips.
  47. Everyone Should See a Dentist:
    Even if you do not have enough money, it is better to see a free dental clinic to check your teeth and oral cavity.
  48. If You Are Anxious about Your Appointment, Your Dentist Has a Solution:
    Your dentist can give you a sedative before the appointment to relieve your anxiety. You will need someone to drive you home.
  49. Choose Your Dentist Carefully:
    Look carefully for the best dentist in your area. Your teeth deserve the best.
  50. Buy Things You Are Going to Use:
    Do not buy anything for your teeth unless you are going to use it and know how to use it.
Healthy Teeth Tips

The Conclusion:
At SmileWide, we do not only care about the work done in our clinic, but we also make sure that our readers and clients have the proper knowledge and information(Dental tips) on how to keep their teeth healthy all the time. Visit us for more information and schedule an appointment for checking your teeth.

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