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Clear Correct

Braces are the norm for orthodontic correction, but very few adults prefer to stuff their mouths with metal for almost more than a year while their teeth are forced into better alignment. This problem is discretely and efficiently tackled by Clear Correct, as it provides an unobtrusive substitute to metal braces. No brackets and wires are required in the Clear Correct treatment. As an alternative, a customized series of clear aligners will be presented to you which you will have to wear for at least 22 hours every day. Your teeth will be straightened progressively over a time span of several months or years until the realization of your cosmetic goals.

Did you know…

Moreover, because of the advancements in astute orthodontics, adults have become the nearly half of all the orthodontic patients in USA. Being nearly invisible and unnoticeable, Clear Correct aligning trays have no effect on your routine interactions. Most adults can be expected to wear Clear Correct aligners for between one and two years but in some cases the time span may vary due to the fact that every patient is different.

Frequently Asked Questions

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