Dental Clinic in Derabassi

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Best Dental Facility in Derabassi

Our customized dental services in Derabassi make it possible to enjoy premium dental services at prices you can easily afford.

At SmileWide we are pleased to welcome new patients and provide a dental experience that is second to none in Derabassi. We are committed to our professional practice and strive for dental excellence in the region.

SmileWide is more than an institutional name, its an assurance to all our highly esteemed clients to wear their smile boldly as empowered by our modernized dental solutions in Derabassi.

Dental Facility in Derabassi

Dental Facility in Derabassi

We understand that dental complications can undermine your self-esteem, ability to communicate articulately or even affect your feeding patterns. In this regard, we walk the extra mile to avail comprehensive dental care for common and complex dental complications in Derabassi.

Our enthusiastic team of professionals is headed by the insightful Dr. Reena, a bonafide dental surgeon with extensive experience backing up her professional practice. The exceptional team is comprised of specialists from top universities and their skillset is complemented by the cutting edge dental technology available at SmileWide.

What to expect when you visit SmileWide:

  • Personalized dental care with lesser waiting time and timely treatment process
  • Affordable dental care packages
  • Family dental care with preventive solutions and scheduled appointments
  • A customer-friendly team of experts with genuine concern for your condition
  • A multi-specialty establishment can offer sustainable solutions even the most complex complications.
  • Special programs for the insured and the uninsured patients in Derabassi

Loyalty Programs At SmileWide

We believe that in a bid to attain optimal dental health, routine oral hygiene practices should be coupled up with dental examinations from time to time to stay ahead of any complications. It is the core mission of SmileWide to establish long term relationships with residents of Derabassi to set a new milestone towards dental excellence in the region and beyond.

We have your best interest at heart and understand that not all patients have good dental insurance to cover them. This is why we developed a full patient loyalty program that makes premium dental care accessible to a wider range of people in Derabassi at budget-friendly prices.

The Loyalty Program covers:

  • 2 full dental exams every benefit year
  • 2 professional cleanings every benefit year
  • A 50% discount for any additional cleaning
  • An emergency exam when necessary
  • X-rays when deemed necessary
  • A 20% discount on all other dental obligations at SmileWide Derabassi

Scheduled appointments once or twice a year have helped many people maintain a natural dental formula even in their old age. Any infection, decay or related complication is detected and remediation strategies applied early.

A toothbrush and a flossing string can only do as much to keep your teeth and gums clean. Special equipment is however needed to perform a deep cleaning procedure to get all the debris and bacteria lounged deep in the teeth and gums. You will be amazed at what we can get from the nooks and crannies of your mouth.

We Love Hearing from You!

Having an awesome dental team by your side is the first step towards sustaining a fresh and healthy smile. SmileWide dental clinic in derabassi has a team of highly trained professionals that provide exceptional services to help our patients attain longevity in their oral health.

loyalty programs at SmileWide

loyalty programs at SmileWide

Whether you need to teeth replacement, whitening, aligning or a surgical procedure, we guarantee a world-class personalized dental experience in Derabassi.

Get in touch with us today and our enthusiastic support team will provide concise answers to all your queries and even book an appointment for you.

Family Dental Care At Derabassi

We pride ourselves in being a multi-specialty dental facility that is heavily relied upon in the vibrant community. Dr. Reena had a clear vision for Smile Wide with a profound desire to avail an assortment of strategic dental resources as well as specialists in a bid to achieve the gold standard right here in Derabassi.

Smilewide is a well-organized and self-sufficient facility that handles a wide variety of dental complications with minimal referrals. We have mastered dental surgeries and therapies and we are heavily invested in the future of dentistry. As such Smilewide keeps us with all the rising trends in the industry as well as top-notch innovations in the industry.

You need an all-rounded dental facility that can provide wholesome gentle care to the young ones and effectively manage special dental needs for the elderly population.

Our list of services is specifically designed to be family-friendly with proactive dental solutions for all age groups. Take for instance a child’s perspective towards dental care. Failure to partner with a facility specialized in pediatric dentistry you risk your child developing a stigma towards dental care, a fear that many carry to their adulthood hence forming a complete disregard for their oral health.

For the elderly population, on the other hand, the nature of their dental health care is more demanding than any other age group. A kid only needs to be facilitated to ensure that the onset of permanent teeth meets proper alignment but for the elderly dental care is a high maintenance affair.

Common dental issues for senior citizens include tooth discoloration, tooth decay, and gum diseases. At SmileWide we have an outline of care packages for the entire family all at standardized rates.

Emergency Dental Services in Derabassi

Our organized team of professionals has elaborate protocols to get you out of a dire complication in a timely fashion. Medical emergencies are outright bad but for those who have experienced Dental Emergencies, they well know that the pain and desperation for immediate dental help is in a category of its own.

At SmileWide we have elaborate protocols that guide the entire team when faced with emergency obligations. Such cover instances of trauma leading to chipped teeth, lacerated gums, broken jaws, dislodged teeth and so much more!

Our specialized team has preemptive strategies aimed at responding to dental emergencies in a timely fashion. We constantly check our emergency tool kit to ensure all the supplies are in place and no medication is past its expiry date.

Planning ahead for unprecedented situations may go a long way to save you from unnecessary pain and cost. At Derabassi we have enduring partnerships with the local residents that covers them in emergencies and also monitors their oral health with scheduled visits.

Most emergencies that Dr. Reena and the team have managed successfully have been followed by complete restorative procedures to ensure that our clients do not lose their pleasant physical appeal when they smile.

Get in touch with us today to talk to an experienced dental practitioner in derabassi.

Smile Wide Strategies To Attain Dental Excellence in Modern Dentistry:

⦁ Adherence to rising trends in the dental industry
⦁ Superior level of specialization at SmileWide
⦁ Culture of dental safety at SmileWide
⦁ Adoption of Service Quality indicators for best outcomes
⦁ Long term plan for personalized care at SmileWide

As we had stated, we are deeply invested in the future of dentistry in Derabassi. We do not follow what other dental facilities are doing, we pioneer the trends for our competitors.

Our Methodical Treatment Processes

We are the dominant force behind your oral health that lets you flaunt a picture-perfect smile.

At smileWide, we uphold an incredible code of conduct that regulates our professional practice. We keep you on the loop on the most efficacious treatment specific to your dental complication.

dental treatment in Derabassi

Dental treatment in Derabassi

Once you are received at our modern dental facility you get prioritized through the entire treatment course starting with a consultation session with Dr. Reena. You will find our lead dentist to be very interactive getting you into a comfort zone where you can express all your dental concerns.
Based on the prognosis you will be directed accordingly to do further tests at the laboratory or enrolled for a surgical procedure if the complication cannot be readily resolved at the dentist’s office.

For straight forward appointments such as cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry or tooth replacement procedures, you will receive personalized care from a qualified specialist.

SmileWide dental clinic in Derabassi is home to professionals in touch with all your dental needs. Book an appointment today!

Orthodontics Services At Derabassi

Our dental practitioners have a pristine track record in servicing all types of orthodontic complications in Derabassi.

We live in an era where technology is so advanced that there are practical solutions to any oral deformities or inconsistencies. Our orthodontics department is fully equipped with a variety of solutions ranging from dental braces, clear aligners, lingual braces and so much more!

All these are designed to add to the aesthetic value whenever you talk or smile. It is not a secret, knowing that your teeth are crooked or are faced with discoloration your self-esteem takes a blow thus limiting your social life.

Call SmileWide dental clinic in Derabassi today to get advice on the most effective orthodontic strategies to give a new life to your natural smile.

Dental Implants Options in Derabassi

We have a variety of tooth replacement procedures suited for all age groups. Get in touch with us today to get advice on the best procedure suited for your oral condition.

Dental implants work like a charm when compared to other dental tooth replacement procedures. This is because they offer more stability in the long run and are less irritating in the mouth.

SmileWide dental clinic in Derabassi is your best option for single and multiple tooth implants in Derrabassi. Dental implants have evolved through time to offer ready solutions to complications that were untreatable in the past.

One-piece implants require less drilling into the jawbone hence can be installed into jawbones with lesser jawbone density. Traditionally such patients had to undergo bone graft procedures or for special patients accustomed to smoking, they had to look for alternative tooth replacement options.

Book an appointment with us today to get advice on the most viable dental restorative procedures.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Review 1

The perfect facility to go for a person with inhibitions against dental care. My kid’s first dental appointment was managed poorly and every time anybody mentions the word dentist in the house they would throw a tantrum. I, however, visited Dr. Reena recently and I was amazed at how the pediatric team changed my child’s perspective about dental care. My kid now looks forward to visiting SmileWide.

Review 2

An outstanding specialty dental service in Derabassi. Not many dental clinics are in touch with the dental needs of the elderly in the region. The expert team at SmileWide, however, have specific care packages for the elderly that not only offer ready solutions to their complications but also have preventive measures to safeguard their oral health in the long run. I will definitely visit soon and recommend SmileWide to all my peers.

Review 3

Never before had I experienced dental emergencies but when I did thank goodness SmileWide came to my aid. In Derabassi not many dental facilities have protocols to respond to emergencies which all leads to prolonged suffering to patients who visit such establishments. SmileWide dental clinic in Derabassi, however, did an exceptional job to relieve my pain and restore my dental formula.

Cost-Effective Dental Programs in Derabassi

Dr. Reena recommends a long term partnership with SmileWide to get the utmost value for your money when it comes to all dental needs in Derabassi. Our dental appointments are rigorous to ensure your oral is in its best state possible.

Traditionally, premium dental services were inaccessible to most people in the region due to their exorbitant prices. At SmileWide our ambition goes beyond profits to seek sustainable ways to add value to our beloved community.

No extra charges are imposed on your visit and you get special discounts for specific services. Our Loyalty program is also designed to offer good cover to all patients without insurance. Your visit always inspires the best out of us that is why we stay responsive with community-oriented dental packages.