Dentures in Zirakpur

Dentures in Zirakpur

  • Do you have a few missing teeth?
  • Did you lose all the teeth in your mouth?
  • Would you like to know what to do now?

Dentures in Zirakpur can be the answer for you!

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that are custom made to replace missing teeth and restore your smile.

They can help you chew the food like natural teeth and preserve the natural appearance at the same time. 

What are Dentures

What are the Types of dentures? in Zirakpur

There are a few types of dentures:

Complete dentures

  • They are indicated when there are no teeth in the mouth. 
  • You might have lost teeth due to cavities, gum disease 
  • Complete dentures in Zirakpur help restore the sparkling smile
  • Teeth are a necessity to eat and speak properly
  •  Other than usual functions, it is important to replace missing teeth to have a good profile and facial appearance
  • Complete dentures are made of a high-quality material that is of the color your gums are, with artificial teeth set over it.
  • Resembles closely the natural teeth and gives support to cheek and facial muscles.

Immediate dentures

  • They are given to patients just after the extractions are completed
  • An immediate denture in Zirakpur is a kind of temporary solution given to the patient with extraction wounds
  • An immediate denture is made to fit snugly at the given time 
  • However, it will get loose after some time when the bone shrinks
  • A final denture is to be given after 8-12 weeks when the jawbones are fully healed.
Immediate dentures in Zrakpur
Partial Dentures in Zirakpur

Partial dentures

  • They are indicated when you have a few teeth missing in the mouth and want to replace just those without taking the other ones out.
  • They are again made of high-quality gum-colored material with teeth placed over it
  • They are fitted with the present teeth with the help of clasps 
  • They can be removed when not in use
  • They need to be cleaned just like natural teeth

Implant-supported dentures in Zirakpur

  •  It is the latest type of denture where all the teeth in the mouth are replaced with the help of implants
  • Thus, you get all teeth fixed in the mouth 
  • They are a type of complete dentures
  • In this mechanism, few implants are placed in the mouth and the denture is custom made and fit over the implants present. 
Implant Supported Dentures in Zirakpur

Are there any alternatives to Dentures?

Instead of getting removable dentures for the full mouth, you can opt for an implant-supported type.

For a few missing teeth, you can also get a fixed bridge or implants.

Consult the dentist to find out what option suits you the best.

How are dentures made?

It might seem like a complicated procedure, but it is not.

It just needs 4-5 sittings for the denture to be delivered.

  • Impressions of the upper and lower arch of the jaw are recorded. It is done in two stages to get the exact measurement of the jaw.
  • Models are created in wax, and a bite is registered to simulate the final denture. Teeth are placed in the arch in wax. This wax-up model’s trial is given in the mouth to see if it needs any changes.
  • The final denture is cast and delivered. Any necessary adjustments are made after the delivery.
old lady with dentures in Zirakpur

Would a denture make me look weird?

  • No, if at all, it helps you get a natural smile and appearance. 
  • A denture helps your face get its original shape back. 
  • It might take some time to get used to the denture. 
  • It is normal to have minor soreness and increased saliva rate initially. 
  • It might feel a little awkward as the tongue and muscles take time to adjust to the appliance.

  But it will be worth all the efforts made.

How can I take care of Denture?

  • It is important to clean the denture on a regular basis
  • A film can deposit on the denture just like it does on natural teeth so dentures need to be cleaned just like natural teeth
  • The film known as plaque can cause bad breath and can further lead to fungal infections as well
  • Clean the denture with a soft toothbrush
  • Use soap and water as a cleanser
  • Do not use the toothpaste as it has abrasive properties and can cause damage to the denture
  • Use a washcloth over the sink to avoid dropping the denture
  • Dentures are delicate and can break if they fall at a particular angle
  • Always rinse and clean the gums and mouth after eating
  • Keep the denture in water overnight when not in use
  • Keep the container covered
  • You can also visit your dentist once in a few months to get the denture cleaned professionally as an additional step
Dental Denture care in Zirakpur

How long would a denture last?

  • Normally, a denture needs replacement after about 7-10 years
  • You need to keep regular appointments with the dentist to get any required adjustments done
  • The bone shrinks and changes over time so the denture will be required according to the new bone

Tips and tricks to get used to the denture

  • Start with soft foods cut into small pieces
  • Do not try to bite on hard things
  • Avoid sticky foods
  • Gradually you would start eating the normal diet comfortably
  • Try to practice speaking out aloud
  • The speech will get clearer in a few days
  • A dentist can prescribe a denture adhesive to keep the denture in place
  • You can use the adhesive initially to help get used to the denture

When do I need to visit my dentist?

You should make an appointment with your dentist when

  • Your denture cracks
  • A tooth falls out of the denture
  • You see a sharp edge on the denture
  • Your dentures start clicking while talking
  • Your denture has worn out
  • You start feeling uncomfortable
  • Your denture does not fit well anymore
  • You encounter problems like bad breath, gum disease or your denture has been heavily stained
Post Denture care and examination

Dentures provide a good solution to missing teeth as you are able to start eating and speaking in the usual way. 

There are a number of possibilities to replace the missing teeth 

However, consult your dentist for dentures in Zirakpur to find out the best option for yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you need not get all the teeth extracted. Dentures in Zirakpur are recommended if you have no teeth in the mouth or if you have only a few teeth left that cannot be treated.

If you have only a few teeth missing, you can go for other options. Talk to your dentist to know the best suitable option.

It can take some time to get used to the denture. Your dentist can take care if you have any ulcers or if the denture is impinging in the mouth. Visit the clinic to know more.

 Yes, you can select the shade of teeth in the full denture. Your dentist will ask your preference before fabricating the final denture.

There are steps to be followed to make a denture which requires a few sittings. You can expect a denture to be delivered in the 4th – 5th sitting.

No, probably not. Your dentist can fix a new tooth in your old denture. However, he can advise a new denture if your denture is really old and is not complying with the bone present in the mouth.