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    Dental Extraction

    Tooth extraction or dental extraction is the removal of tooth from the mouth. This can also be the basis for future cosmetic dental treatments.

    Extractions can be simple or surgically done. Simple extractions are usually performed when the tooth is visible, already loose and only require dental forceps to lift it after it has been rocked back and forth. On the other hand, surgical extraction involves the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed because they have not fully erupted or they have broken under the gums. This requires an incision and frequently, the tooth to be extracted are split into multiple pieces to be able to easily remove it.

    The following conditions may require tooth extraction procedure:

    Teeth that are rotten which cannot be repaired to prevent infection
    For orthodontic treatment, a tooth needs to be removed to create space
    Damaged teeth brought about by injuries such as trip or falls and sports accidents
    Gum disease that affects the tissues and sockets in the gum that hold the teeth in place making it to become loose
    Overcrowded teeth which is the result of having a smaller jaw
    Eruption of wisdom teeth which can affect the positioning and spacing of other teeth
    When your dentist decides that a tooth has to be removed, he may either do it on your regular check up or schedule this procedure. He may then recommend cosmetic dental options thereafter. As for pain control, you will also be given the choice of oral sedation or inhalation sedation. But you need not worry about the pain, because we’ll take care of it.