Is Wisdom Tooth Removal always necessary?

Wisdom teeth, the last or third set of molars in the back of your mouth may not be removed in the following cases:

  • If they are totally healthy
  • If they are grown or fully erupted
  • Positioned and aligned properly with their opposite teeth
  • Are easily cleanable with daily hygiene practices

However, all these cases are very rare to occur or happen. Erupting wisdom teeth can grow at uncomfortable angles in your jaw causing extremely severe pain of swelling.

Tooth and mouth injuries

When is removal needed?

  • Unbearable pain in your mouth: When a wisdom tooth erupts, most people experience high pain that is not controllable. The pain does not even subside even after taking pian-killers.
  • Damaged to the nearby teeth: This is one of the prime reasons why people choose to remove their wisdom teeth. It adversely affects the nearby teeth, which are strong and healthy already
  • Infection of the soft tissue supporting your teeth: Postoperative bacterial infections are however rare but cause serious damage to your gums
  • Tumor or pus formation: A wisdom tooth erupts from your gum line causing a wound, which gives rise to the formation of pockets of pus or tumor
  • Receding gums or gum disease: The pocket of pus of tumor in your gums, if not treated, gets deeper causing serious dental disorders like receding gums of gum disease
  • Extensive tooth cavities: When a wisdom tooth occurs, it becomes difficult to brush or clean them. This causes extensive tooth decays in that area.

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