List of habits that will make your teeth whiter

Habits that will make your teeth whiter

Does having yellow or dull grey spots on your teeth make them look less white? Even though tooth color changes may happen slowly as people age because the top enamel wears away, not many know that common foods, drinks, and mouthwashes can make teeth darker.

The following habits will help whiten your teeth and bring back your beautiful smile:

Don’t eat too many snacks.

For a reason, dentists say you should brush your teeth after every meal. Plaque bacteria start to break down the carbs in food about twenty minutes after it is eaten, according to research. So, if you want a better smile, stop biting your nails and brush your teeth at least twice daily.

Use a straw to drink coffee and wine.

People who drink red wine or coffee are most likely to have their teeth discolored. There are rough spots on your teeth that these drinks can stick to, which changes the color of your teeth with dark pigmentation particles. Additionally, the acidic nature of coffee may cause a yellowish color to appear. This leaves you with two possible choices:

  • Make your coffee with milk.
  • Make sure to use a straw when you drink coffee or wine.

Habits that will make your teeth whiter

A scrub

The Journal of the American Dental Association said in its September 2017 issue that there is no proof that dental products with charcoal are helpful or safe for the teeth.

Also, things that are too rough on the teeth can make them look yellower. You want to whiten your enamel, but if you use a rough cleaner, it might wear away instead. This can make the dentin, a thinner, yellower tissue, show through as the next tooth layer.

Instead, choose a cleaning toothpaste that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The Seal ensures that the toothpaste you buy works is safe, and won’t hurt your teeth.

Do not smoke.

The use of tobacco and goods made from. Tar can turn a completely white surface into a dark brown color that can’t be removed, but nicotine can quickly turn a white surface yellow. To get a whiter smile, you should stop using substances that contain smoke and nicotine.


When eaten regularly, fruit is a great choice. But both fruit and vinegar are acidic, and using them to clean your teeth or being close to them for a long time can damage enamel, putting your beautiful whites at risk. The enamel cover on your teeth is a thin layer on the outside that keeps your teeth from getting sensitive or cavities.

Stick to a routine for dental hygiene.

Having white teeth is a must; not following a good dental hygiene practice is the most important thing. Because of this, you should brush your teeth twice daily, floss at least once daily, and avoid sugary foods and drinks. Finally, you should make an appointment for a tooth checkup every six months.

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