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Full Mouth Dentures: For an everlasting and confident smile

Dentures Introduction The evolution of dentistry and dental treatments have come a long way over the decades. New research and advanced technologies have helped medical scientists develop real human teeth in their laboratories. These artificial set of human teeth are nothing but full mouth dentures. Known as false teeth, these dentures are prosthetic implants constructed […]

Dental Tips and Secrets You Probably Do not Know

At SmileWide, We want to provide our patients with the best dental care and we aim to develop a long-term relationship with our patients and safeguard their teeth; that is why we decided to provide them with 50 dental tips and secrets. Follow these dental tips and they will help you to keep your teeth […]

Everything You Should Know about Sensitive Teeth

•What Is Tooth Sensitivity? Tooth Sensitivity describes having dental hypersensitivity or root sensitivity. Sensitive teeth are common. If you have sensitive teeth, hot, cold, and sweet foods and drinks will make your teeth painful. Even breathing in cold air will make your teeth sensitive and painful. So Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive? As we […]

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Braces (Orthodontics)

WHAT ARE ORTHODONTICS? Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry focusing on arranging teeth in a straight line. Orthodontics aims to make people’s oral health and smile better. We often visit dentists to clean our teeth or for problems and complications such as gum problems and cavities. However, if you have specific irregularities, an orthodontist may […]